Below you will find some ideas of how those of you in the Shoe Biz can help to raise awareness and funds for MS.

Call Marla on 07792797008 or send her an email if you have any ideas or would like to do any of the following:

Choose a MyShoes Style
for a time period of two weeks and make a donation to MyShoes for each pair you sell.

Ask your customers to contribute*
an extra pound on our behalf for every a pair of shoes you sell.

Hold an event on our behalf.
We will support you with some cool goodies!

Contribute shoes for charity events
for the various charity auctions that our supporters often hold.

Adopt us as your charity.
The MyShoes Campaign is one of the few initiatives that is specific to your business and your customers. Most of those recently diagnosed with MS are young gorgous women. They usually have to give up their heels (due to balance issues)..

Please support us if you can

All Funds Raised by the MyShoes Campaign to Fight MS go to