MyShoes wants the world to know that it is younger people who are diagnosed with MS. The majority of those diagnosed are women - many in their 20s and 30s.

Along with many other difficulties such as distorted eyesight , fatigue, numbness and tingling, they may have problems with their walking or their balance. Many will have to give up wearing high heels and while not a terrible deprivation in it's own right, it is a sure sign of what may be many more health issues to come.

These young people have many important life decisions to make. Will they be able to have a career and which type? Will their partner stick with them? Can they have children? Will their friends understand?

To answer these questions they need support. The MyShoes Campaign raises funds for the UK's leading MS charities who in turn supply the important information they need throughout their lifetime of living with MS.

As well as looking for a cure and providing up to date information, these charities also fund specialist MS nurses (similar to cancer nurses) who will support them in making these life decisions as well as helping them during active MS periods.

All money raised from the MyShoes Campaign goes to the MS Society and the MS Trust. To find out more about these MS Charities, please click on their logos below.

MS Society

MS  Trust

All Funds Raised by the MyShoes Campaign to Fight MS go to