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Throw a shoe party, bake a shoe
cake, hold a shoe quiz - all to cure MS!
Have a look around our site. We've got all the kit you need
to raise some funds for the UK's two leading MS charities and
have great fun at the same time.

Shoe parties

Shoe quiz

Shoe cakes

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Or just donate
All our funds go to the MS Society and
the MS trust. You can help them find the
cure for MS, to fund MS nurses and make sure
that all those with MS have someone to talk with.

Do Your Mates Understand You?
Do you get fed up telling your family, boyfriend/girlfriend or
mates about your MS? Perhaps you just don't want to broach
the subject. Our "My Mate Has MS page" will give them the lowdown in a simple, clear - non medical way. Click here to
have a look.

Newly Diagnosed?
Waiting for a diagnosis or being newly diagnosed is tough. Below are some sites that will give you the info you need and perhaps even somebody to talk with.

MS Society (UK) first port of call

MS Trust great place for info

Jooly's Joint brilliant sharing site

MS Life drug co site but OK




All Funds Raised by the MyShoes Campaign to Fight MS go to